Functions of Tasly ICP Capsule with your Heart

Functions of Tasly ICP Capsule with your Heart

Functions of  Tasly ICP Capsule with your heart includes dilation of coronary artery, enhance blood flow and improve micro-circulation. This shows good results in prevention and treatment of heart and circulation related disease. The average heart beats are about 60- 80 times and pumps about 13, 640 liters (3,600 gallons) of blood a day. The heart’s primary functions is to pump blood to all parts of the body, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the tissues and removing waste products. Heart disease is one of the biggest killers and billions are spent on the treatment and prevention of the heart disease every year.



  1. To lower blood lipid (Cholesterol) and reduce plaque from atherosclerosis

Tasly ICP Capsule has definite function in reducing blood lipid, especially function to cholesterol. Some researches have been done to patients of carotid atherosclerosis. Controlled by normal dosage of Aspirin, treatment with therapeutic dosage of Aspirin, treatment with therapeutic dosage (10 cap* 3 times per day) Tasly ICP Capsule results in:

    • Change of carotid intima- media thickness (IMT): Carotid IMT thickness decreased in the group treated with Tasly ICP Capsule [P<0.05], and there was no noticeable change in control group.
    • Change of blood rheology: Blood Viscosity of both groups decreased, but no remarkable difference between the treatment group and control group was observed [P>0.05]
    • Change of blood lipid level: Patients in both groups have a high level of blood lipid. After treatment of Tasly ICP Capsule, cholesterol and triglyceride level were significant difference [p<0.01] between respondents and control groups.
  1. Protection from stroke

    Brain infarction is commonly known as ‘brain stroke’. It includes the formation of blood clot and embolism. Incidence of brain stroke increases obviously in recent years. It also occurs more and more frequently in young people recently. Tasly ICP Capsule has the function to improve blood circulation by removing stasis. Clinical application proves that this Capsule and conventional therapies has good effects on patients suffering from brain stroke.

  2. To reduce the diabetic related eye diseases and kidney disfunction

    1. Diabetic retinopathy and renopathy caused by microcirculation and capillary of diabetes patients, the common complication in micro blood vessels regarding to diabetes patients, the common complication in micro blood vessels regarding to diabetes. Tasly ICP Capsule change the blood rheology, anti- calcium ion and reduce the triglyceride and cholesterol level. Therefore, It is highly recommended to diabetes complication patient.
  3. To clean blood vessel and protect 2nd heart- Microcirculation

    Microcirculation is the blood circulation between the capiliry asterioles and venules. It’s used for the nutrient exchange between body, blood and tissue and brings oxygen and nutrient to tissues and takes away the metabolic productions. It has been proven by many researches thatICP Tasly Capsule can improve the body microcirculation. Research in Medical School of Keio University, Japan, has shown that ICP Tasly Capsule has a multi- target effect on microcirculation disturbance.

  4. To protect liver cells

    Habit of drinking a lot of alcohol will result in block of liver. Patients will have malnutrition coupling with abnormal feelings such as discomfort in liver area and appetite decline. Research shows that by using the ICP Tasly Capsule for 3months will normalize the liver function and remarkably recover the impaired liver. More importantly, intake of ICP Tasly Capsule before drinking will delay the alcohol absorbance and protect the liver.

  5. To fight coronary heart disease (CHD)

    Tasly ICP Capsule, with the precious ingredients of Salvia Miltiorrhiza, Notoginseng etc. It has similar function of anti- platelet aggregation as Aspirin. Moreover, it has effects on cholesterol and trilyceride reduction, blood viscosity reduction, general microcirculation improvement, anti- oxidation, free radical clearance, cardiac muscle protection, etc. These functions coordinate at multiple levels, aim at multiple targets, and act in multiple targets, and act in multiple systems. Most effects function at key points of coronary heart disease. We strongly suggest that it should be used to fight coronary heart disease. And we suggest mid-age population (male>35 years old and female>40 years old) take it as early as possible, because their hearts should be taken care more seriously.

ICP (Tasly Danshen Plus Capsule)


ICP Ingredients
Danshen (Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae): Danshensu,Salvianolic acid B,TanshinoneⅡA,etc.
Sanqi (Radix Notoginseng): Notoginsenoside R1,Ginsenoside Rg1,etc.

ICP Dosage
Oral or sublingual application, 2 capsules each time, 1 to 2 times daily before meals. Sublingual administration of all the pills from inside the capsule to relieve acute angina pectoris.

ICP Notes
Not recommended for children under the age of 12 years old.
Do not use during pregnancy or while breast-feeding.

ICP Package

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ICP Functions
1.Blood refreshment, which clears garbage in blood, reduces blood viscosity and improves microcirculation
2.Relieve blockage of blood vessels, maintain vascular vitality, and effectively prevent Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)-induced angina and diabetic complications
3.Protect cardiac and cerebral vessels on a multi-target basis, safeguard heart muscles, and enhance heart function

ICP Advantages
• High bio availability
• Quick response
• Convenience for use
• No side effects
• Better stability

ICP Target Groups
• People desiring for improvement of cardiac function
• People suffering from CHD-induced angina
• People with hyperlipidemia or hypertension
• Diabetics
• People with a family history of CHD

icp danshen pill

How long does a course of ICP last? Can it be taken for a long period of time?
A course of ICP for CHD-induced angina is 4 weeks. Further and longtime usage may be allowed by the doctor in accordance with results of examination. Longtime administration is suggested.

What is the difference between oral and sublingual administration?
A. First aid and patients intolerant to gastrointestinal irritation — sublingual administration
Sublingual venous plexus is one important route of administration, for water-soluble drugs may quickly enter circulation through the thin mucosa and considerable vessels under the tongue and play their actions.
B. Patients disliking the mouthfeel of sublingual administration — oraladministration
Before going into circulation, an orally administered drug must pass through the stomach, the liver, the main site of drug breakdown, and the intestine, experiencing the first-pass effect. As a result, some of the active substances are removed from the blood and the concentration of the drug is reduced.
Comparatively speaking, the bioavailability of a drug sublingually administered is higher than that orally administered.

Why can it relieve angina so quickly?
1) Dripping pill dosage form: ingredients are dispersed in the substrate in the form of molecules or tiny crystals, which help   to promote absorption, shorten the time to effectiveness and increase bioavailability.
2) Sublingual administration: directly absorbed into the blood through lingual mucosa.
3) Borneol: shorten the time to effectiveness, dilate coronary arteries and kill pains.
4) Pharmaceutical innovation (GEP): extract and refine water-soluble ingredients to quicken effectiveness.

Which types of persons is it UNFIT for?
Pregnant or breastfeeding women: since ICP stimulates circulation and removes stasis, it should be used for pregnant women with caution, and breastfeeding women must follow doctor’s advice.
Children: administration of ICP to children has been documented. ICP has been used for 42 cases of pediatric bronchitis or pneumonia with an ORR of 90.5%, which is higher than conventional anti-infective therapies.

What foods can Not be eaten during its usage?
Fatty cuts of meat, fat, animal organs are prohibited for CHD patients, who should also quit smoking and drink a limited amount of alcohol.Therefore,during ICP usage,high-cholesterol food should be taken as little as possible. This does not mean a conflict between ICP and such foods, but that such foods are not suitable for people suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Is it applicable to cancer patients?
Cancer patients who intend to improve microcirculation and protect heart may take ICP.

Is ICP effective on chest pain?
Since chest pain may be caused by various reasons, you’d better go to the doctor for diagnosis and necessary examinations. If you are diagnosed with CHD, ICP will be your best choice.

Is there any scientific proof for ICP relieving arteriosclerosis?
Worldwide application of ICP has shown that ICP does lower blood lipid levels and relieve arteriosclerotic plaques. Studies by experts in recent years find that ICP shrinks arteriosclerotic plaques in the carotid artery. These scientific findings are really significant for us human beings, for they change the previous impression that arteriosclerotic plaques never turn small.



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  1. Thank you Joseph for your update. Tasly ICP can do more for the elderly in that it reopens blocked vessels and allow the body function as supposed. I hope your dad appreciates more of our other Tasly products.

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